EMA Serices provides home improvement services around the country 
for many years. Our quality in service and the solutions we provide to our customers 
are the most important factors of success at EMA Services.
To be a sub contractor at EMA Services you have to be professional, with good work ethics, reliable, a leader and the most important, good to work with. If you have the right experience and want to be a part of our contractors please contact us or fill our short form at the bottom of the page and we will be more than happy to take it from there.


Please fill out the form below:

Sub-Contractor Opportunity
1. Full / Part time contractors.
2. 1099 position (We do not subtract taxes from your paycheck).
3. High % commission with opportunities for management positions.
4. Close to home (45 Mile work radius).
5. Help with tools and materials to get started.

CALL NOW: (888) 406-5512



1. Knowledge, Experience and work ethics (minimum of 1 year experience).
2. Valid driver license.
3. Work vehicle (mandatory).
4. Working Cell phone that receives SMS.
5. Tools and equipment to accommodate the relevant type of assignment.
6. Fast response to a lead (a contractor will be notified a minimum of 2 hours before the scheduled appointment)
7. Bank account